August 14, 2012

Concrete: Rise of the Vigilante

A month or so ago I watched a short film called “All-In“, directed by and starring fellow Torontonian Tyler Williams. Before the film started we got a few trailers for some other films. One of them was for this wicked looking story called “Concrete: Rise of the Vigilante”. Today a Behind the Scenes video has appeared online which provides some insight into the inspiration behind the film (The Warriors) and also a special look at all of the amazing choreography.

Directed by Sasha Moric

Written by Matthew Bennett & Matthew Campea







Something about the trailer to this film really grabbed my attention and I’d love to see it become a full-length feature. With all of the crap remakes, prequels, sequels etc being released today, these are the kinds of film-makers that deserve our support. If you would like to donate anything at all towards the funding of this project you can click here for further info. I’ve also provided a synopsis and the trailer. Check it out below.

CONCRETE – Behind the Scenes EPK – Building a Knife Fight from Matthew Bennett on Vimeo.

Synopsis:“The city is stacked in a strip of blocks.  Each block is run by a different gang.  Moving from block to block… has consequences. John ‘Concrete’ has one night to do the impossible.  Fight his way through 11 district blocks to rescue the one he loves.”

CONCRETE: Rise of the Vigilante. First Teaser Trailer from Matthew Bennett on Vimeo.

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Eoin Friel

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