September 24, 2012

America’s Box Office Woes

Something is amiss in the good ole’ US of A these days with its movie Box Office in serious decline. Aside from Superhero movies and cartoons, every other movie has basically tanked. The domestic top ten this year is one of the most uninteresting of recent times with 3 superhero movies, and several cartoons with only one R Rated comedy.

Thankfully the International market has helped to bolster the overall grosses (with Prometheus at #10). Films like The Expendables 2 (which is about to out-gross the original thanks to International audiences) have a lacklustre box office in America but it’s not just R Rated films; Paranorman and more family oriented fare just aren’t making money either. I mean it’s not like the films are of lesser quality, this is the country that made Adam Sandler rich after all.

Dredd 3D is one of the best films of the year and it made $6 million this weekend. So what is it that’s the problem? Is it that ticket prices are so much more expensive now, especially 3D films? Bad marketing? Or is it the tragedy in Aurora that’s to blame? The economic crisis hasn’t exactly helped and America has taken a long time to get out of the slump.

We all love to think that downloading movies doesn’t affect the box office, but it does, it really does. Lower budget movies that require every penny in order to make a profit are really struggling to make their money back. Straight to DVD movies especially need audience support and we can deny it all we want, but the less money they make, the less we’ll see of them. Ask anyone in the music biz about what downloads have done to their industry and then tell me it doesn’t affect it.

It could be all of these reasons and the thing is, it isn’t the studios that are the problem as I said in a previous blog, it’s the audiences. There is plenty of adult oriented fare out there and 2012 has been one of the best of recent years for action movies. The first half of the year had a pretty strong box office, but after The Dark Knight Rises came out nothing has come close.

I hope this is only a passing phase and that the Box Office picks up soon, otherwise the film industry may have some serious problems down the line.



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