December 19, 2012

Who Should Be in the Female Expendables Movie?

Omar did a blog a while back asking if the film itself was a good idea. The remains to be seen but just for fun, who would you like to see in it?

Well here’s my two cents:

Cynthia Rothrock is obviously utterly essential; she was an action trailblazer in a time when women in action movies would only scream and need saving. Personally I would make her the boss.

Michelle Yeo became  a star around the same time as Cynthia Rothrock and they both starred in Yes Madam together, so it would be awesome for a little reunion.

Gina Carano has only been in a couple of movies, but her fighting skill is awesome and it could be a passing of the torch as it were as she easily has the chops to be the next female ass-kicker.

Sigourney Weaver is obviosuly necessary as she is Ripley from the Alien Series, yet another important character but I wouldn’t cast her is a villain. Any time’s she’s played a bad guy, she hasn’t been that great, so maybe give her the cameo role or something.

Linda Hamilton is Sarah Connor, one of the best written female movie characters of all time. Her transformation from meek waitress to warrior woman means she needs to be in this movie.

Michelle Rodriguez always plays tough girls so how about making her a villain?

Kate Beckinsale kicks a ton of ass in the Underworld Series and she is also one of the most stunning women on the planet, so she should definitely have a role.

Milla Jovovich keeps starring in the awful Resident Evil franchise and usually plays the heroine, so what about her as a potential villain too?

Nan Yu from The Expendables 2 would be a nice addition and would provide some continuity between the series.

Zoe Bell, although not a household name she does her own stunts and I reckon she would be an awesome addition. if in doubt, watch Death proof and witness her really strapped to the hood of the car.

Pam Grier, she is a genuine legend and even if she only has a small role in the movie, she is an essential.

Angeline Jolie, if you watch Salt, Wanted or Mr. & Mrs. Smith you know she can kick some ass and she would need to have a primary role.

It could be argued that this is terrible idea because there are very few female action heroes, but that’s why I think it needs to happen. I want to see more girls kicking ass and would like to see who the next Cynthia Rothrock could be.

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