March 6, 2013

5 Actors Who Have Always Looked Old

You ever noticed that there are certain actors who have always looked old, no matter what age they are? Here are 5 actors who I can’t remember ever seeing as young men.















I’ve said it before that Danny Glover was born too old for this shit; since movies began he was an old man. Think back to the first Lethal Weapon, he must’ve been about 60 then, so I think he must be related to Yoda. To old for this shit, I am.








Ronny Cox is best known as playing the villain in the Paul Verhoeven classics Robocop and Total Recall, but let’s not forget that he also played the President in the 1990 “classic” Captain America. Even back in the late 80s he played older gentlemen and he’s still around so he surely must be in his 80s by now. Just for the record, he is totally awesome and he was always one of the scariest villains. He could make a man in a suit seem genuinely threatening.








Tommy Lee Jones was born as a grouchy old man and has made it his trademark, whether he plays a good guy or a bad guy, he’ll never be a happy guy. Few people can do it better and for that we salute you.








I remember watching James Cromwell in movies when I was a kid and he was old back then, especially in LA Confidential. He’s still playing old men today but I think it would be a fantastic challenge for his next role to play a female, teenage cheerleader.








And finally one of the all time great actors Morgan Freeman; He played God in Bruce Almighty and rumour has it that he actually IS God because he’s been around just as long. He’s played mentors, heroes, villains and Gods but never a young man.

I’m sure there are a few other great actors who have always looked old, but these are the main 5 that I could think of.

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Eoin Friel

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