May 10, 2013

Head Out on the Highway: Celebs Who Love Motorcycles

You’ve heard of Jay Leno’s garages full of all things motorcycles and car. I’m also guessing he owns a separate garage full of various motorcycle accessories, too.  Need to change a brake pad? Leno’s probably got it.

Other celebrities enjoy a good ride. Schwarzenegger, Cruise, Pitt, Jolie. Not surprising. I recently came across a list that caught me completely off guard. According to, the list contained 420 names of celebrities (A through D-List) who ride.

Here are five shockers out of the list for your perusal:


Cher has been riding motorcycles for decades. At this point, she’s ridden more bikes than she has dated male celebrities. Cher’s bike of choice is a Harley Davidson. There are plenty of pictures floating around of Cher on two wheels. And there’s about to be more. It is rumored that she is marrying a Hell’s Angel in the near future.

Photo from Wikimedia Commons

Shaquille O’ Neal

You wouldn’t think a bike could handle the sheer size of Shaquille O’ Neal. After all, the man weighs close to 350 pounds and tops out at 7’1. Turns out, it can be done. A Harley dealership in Florida made a custom bike to fit him exactly. Shaq, for whatever reason, reneged on the deal and the shop sued Shaq for $15,000. He now rides custom bikes from Jesse James including one called El Diablo.

Photo by Keith Alison via Wikimedia Commons

Jayne Mansfield

Go ahead and look up the search terms “Jayne Mansfield on motorcycles” and you’ll get an eyeful. Mansfield, an early Playboy Playmate, rode and endorsed Lambrettas exclusively. There is also a famous photograph of Mansfield pretending to be a motorcycle cop handing out a ticket. I’ll leave the jokes about motorcycle accessories up to you.

Photo from Wikimedia Commons

Mark Calaway

The name Mark Calaway doesn’t ring a bell? Well, it probably won’t unless you’re a wrestling fan. Mark Calaway is the real life name of WWE wrestler The Undertaker. He’s heavily tattooed, muscled, menacing in appearance, and has been riding for most of his adult life. He is a Harley Davidson man. Earlier in his career, Calaway rode Harley’s and other bikes into the arena as part of his wrestling persona.

Photo from Wikimedia Commons

Billy Joel

Billy Joel takes a different spin on riding. Sure, he sits atop an HD like most of the other celebrities on the list. Joel also utilizes one of the oldest European bike manufacturers, Moto-Guzzi. The company is based out of Mandello del Lario, Italy and churns out eight different models, states Good thing is that Billy Joel doesn’t have to order his Moto Guzzi accessories from an Italian warehouse. Spare parts are available in a fair amount of shops around the United States.

Photo by minds-eye via Wikimedia Commons

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