May 2, 2013

Trailer & Behind the Scenes of O Ninja Do Gueto

We received the trailer and a pretty epic behind the scenes video from Herondi Souza for his new film O Ninja Do Gueto. I’ve tried to translate the synopsis from Poruguese into English so i hope it makes sense.

Synopsis: Jackson Miranda (Herondi Souza) is a martial arts teacher in and is famous in his neighborhood.
His popularity increases even more when he is spotted by a TV crew, saving the life of a child who would be thrown into the sea by bandits.
Jackson is featured on TV, and is known as”The ghetto ninja”. The fame of being a Hero on TV brings success and a lot of confusion;it also brings the Bandits back with a vengeance, and they threaten to kill him.
Advised by his family, Jackson leaves the capital and spends time in his uncle’s house in the interior of Bahia.
He didn’t expect to find people working as slaves, obeying the orders of Colonel Mane who is the chief, mayor, judge and city prosecutor.
To defend his uncle, Jackson kicks in and uses his techniques of Martial arts to do justice. With wisdom and determination, he broke paradigms, won himself, mastered his vices and overcomes his faults.


Behind the Scenes

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