August 16, 2013

Enough With the Post Credits Sequences

Marvel really did start a trend whenever they began their Phase One project of movies; each of them having a little tidbit from the next movie at the very end of the credits. I’ll admit that I enjoyed all of them as it really helped to create more excitement for the upcoming movies.

Unfortunately, practically every movie is now copying the trend and nearly every weekend I am seeing a review saying “Stay past the end credits”. You know what? No! Can’t you just put it before the credits? My ass is numb and I need the toilet, I don’t want to sit for another 10 minutes watching who the best and worst boys were on the movie before seeing the not-all-that-important extra scene.

If I’ve sat there for 2 hours and my bladder is already struggling, then I’m ready to go as soon as soon as it says The End.

I like the idea of an extra scene at the end in theory but how about mid way through the credits like in Fast Six? No one will ever beat that post credits sequence with Jason Statham; that shit was rad. Why?

A) It’s Statham


B) Because it happened a few seconds into the credits.

At first I really enjoyed all of these end scenes but now it’s happening so often that it is losing it’s sparkle. I no longer get excited about them because it’s not a surprise, it’s inevitable.

I am just back from Kick Ass 2 and didn’t stay past the credits and found out when I got home that yet again there is another scene. I guess I’ll check it out on YouTube when it appears in the next few days, but I can pretty much guess what the scene was…

I know what you’re going to say; if you don’t want to stay to watch an extra scene, then leave. So you know what? That’s just what I’ll do. So ends my rant for the day, I’ll be at Moes.

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Eoin Friel

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