August 9, 2013

Other Action Stars Who Should Be Expendable

We’ve all discussed how much we would like to see Dwayne Johnson, Kurt Russell, Michael Jai White, Steven Seagal, Michael BiehnĀ and co in the Expendables series but there are some action stars who may not have the name recognition of Sly and Arnold but they all have resumes that demonstrate they get an “A” for ass-kicking.

I would love these guys to show up in some capacity in future Expendables movies.




Jeff Wincott: First off, he has a cool voice and second of all Jeff Wincott knows how to beat up bad guys with style. See Mission of Justice for further details. His scene in The Gauntlet where he fights about 20 guys at once is legendary and with his fierce countenance it might be interesting to see him as a villain.





Matthias Hues: Known mostly for playing bad guys, Hues is a huge bear of a man with some great fighting skills. He always has awesome climactic battles in his movies and has been in several movies with Billy Blanks.






Billy Blanks: Speaking of Blanks, he has an easygoing likability in his roles and today can still kick all kinds of ass. In his movies he usually ha a twinkle in his eye as he knows he’s just there to have fun. He would be a welcome addition to the series.





Daniel Bernhardt: Known for taking over the Bloodsport series after Van Damme, Bernhardt recently had a great on screen battle with Jason Statham in Parker, proving that he still has what it takes to be Expendable.






Cynthia Rothrock: Frankly the fact that Cynthia hasn’t been in the series already is a disgrace as she’s one of the greatest female action stars of all time and a pioneer. Before the series ends I want Cynthia Rothrock to be Expendable and not that B team idea either.





Don “The Dragon” Wilson: Like Rothrock, there has been talk of a B team action movie which is essentially an Expendables of straight to video stars, but I say just have them in the real Expendables even in small roles. Don Wilson is still super fit and could have some great fight scenes.





Loren Avedon: The King of the Kickboxers hasn’t been in that many movies but the man can do fight scenes and would be a nice choice for the series.





michael dudikoff american ninja


Michael Dudikoff: Arguably he should be number 1 on the list; the American Ninja movies are legendary and Dudikoff has even talked about a potential new movie in the series. I really want to see him as an Expendable.






Roddy Piper: Where the hell is he these days anyway? Apparently he was on Wife Swap; I guess he ran out of bubble gum and asses to kick. Either way I want Sly to pay the Piper at some point.






Olivier Gruner: Star of Nemesis and a few other straight to DVD gems. Gruner is still young enough to give a few lessons in pain so bring him on too.






Bolo Yeung: Hell, he has long since earned a role in these movies; Bolo NEEDS to play a henchman and fight a clone of JCVD or something. I don’t care, I just want more Bolo!!!






Lorenzo Lamas: This is for my buddy Cory who is a huge Lamas fan; I believe he is doing reality TV now too which is a disgrace, so let’s bring him on board too.




So those are the select few that I would love to see in The Expendables series at some point; who would you like to see?

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