September 11, 2013

Bruce Willis Signs On As The Villain In The Prince

Even though Bruce Willis is officially “bored” of action movies, it won’t prevent him from taking a paycheck for them.

He has signed on to play the villain in a movie called The Prince which will be directed by Sarik Andreasyan.

I wonder if Willis will fax in his performance like he has done for the past decade or if he might make some effort, either way the movie will probably end up going straight to DVD.

Yeah, I’m pretty bitter towards him these days, which is a shame considering he was the coolest man alive in the 90s. I do like the idea of him playing a bad guy though as he was great in The Jackal.

No word on the release date as yet but the story is as follows.
Plot: A retired Las Vegas mob enforcer is forced to return to the city and face his former enemies when his teenage daughter goes missing. Willis plays a man who has waited years for the enforcer to return, and a confrontation is inevitable.

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Eoin Friel

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