September 21, 2013

The Greatest Thefts, Encounters, and Fights of the GTA World

From attacking police to using the services of prostitutes and beating the elderly with a baseball bat, no series in the history of video games has challenged the industry standard quite like the “Grand Theft Auto” franchise. With the already record-breaking fifth installment of the game recently hitting shelves, how will the action and adventure stack up against the legacy of past titles?

San Andreas Riots

The plotline of “GTA: San Andreas” comes to a fruition when the city, loosely based on South Central Los Angeles, erupts in a wave of violence. Corrupt cop Carl Tenpenny goes on trial for murder and corruption, but has the charges dropped. The city breaks out in riots, a direct reference to the 1992 Rodney King LA riots, which is ultimately the cause of Tenpenny’s demise. The scene of a city ablaze and mob justice would be a risky decision for any other game series; for GTA, it just served as another nod to real-life crime and punishment.

Eddie Low: Serial Killer Extraordinaire

The GTA universe has no shortage of great antagonists, but Eddie Low may rank as the best…or worst, depending on how you look at it. Low, a psychopath based on the “Son of Sam” New York serial killer, has carnal relations with zoo animals but claims he would never hurt his cat Boo Boo Wilkins. We hear hints of a serial killer while listening to the “GTA IV” radio stations, then meet Eddie up close (while he has a bag and says he needs to “drop off a friend”). Few encounters prove more satisfying than the closure of Eddie’s character, where, after describing how he kills children, he attacks Niko and we get to send this sicko to the e-afterworld.

Service With A Smile

“GTA III” made plenty of headlines for plenty of reasons, but nothing drew the attention of gamers and the shock of mortified non-gamers like the hookers. It wasn’t just that you could pay money to use their services; it wasn’t just that your controller vibrated when they went into your car and started earning their money. Rather, the exchange system came under fire because you could beat these unfortunate ladies of the evening out of their paycheck. Many people protested; Australia even banned the game outright. The maxim of “no such thing as bad publicity” proved accurate, however, and “GTA III” sold eight million copies.

Digital Worlds Inside A Digital World

Less time would pass explaining all the things you can’t do in “GTA IV” rather than all the things you can. You can steal cars and shoot cops, naturally, but also talk on your cell phone, go on dates, and even browse the web. Rockstar set up dozens of fake websites for gamers to peruse on the game’s Internet, even letting users read emails from family and friends and mob contacts. This would open up Niko to many types of identity theft and phishing attempts in the real world, since he used no password protection. In the GTA universe, however, Niko can simply beat identity thieves into pulp, so that he need not worry about opening up malicious emails with foreign attachments.

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