September 20, 2013

Poll: What’s Your Favourite Rambo Movie?

I know this is one of those horrible questions because all four are awesome, but I’m intrigued to see which one of the Rambo movies is the fan favourite.

It’s interesting how the character changes through the movies, where in the first movie he is a mentally scarred war hero who comes home from Vietnam to discover there’s a new different kind of war going on. He’s not welcomed like a hero at all, but is spat on and called a “baby killer” by the general public. He gets on the wrong side of a small town Sheriff and his new struggle begins.

In Part 2 & 3 he has transformed into a full-on action hero who can take down entire armies single-handedly. Sure they do lack the realism of the first movie, but they are great fun.

Then in Part 4, Rambo is older and more bitter than ever; he finally comes full circle and realizes that the one thing he’s good at is killing. He eventually decides to rescue some missionaries with the help of some mercs, decimating the jungle in the process.

Part 4 really brought Stallone back from a quiet period and proved that even in his 60’s he can still kick more ass than the best of them.

My personal favourite of the Rambo series is First Blood: Part II. John Rambo is an invincible hero and in the last 30 minutes he becomes the ultimate one man army, destroying the Vietnamese like they were nothing and it’s almost like American wish-fulfillment. Jerry Goldsmith’s heroic score provides the necessary bombast and heroism creating the ultimate action movie.

So take the poll below and let us know which Rambo is the best.

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