January 19, 2014

Cool Videos: Armstrong Action Sizzle Reel

This is a cool little sizzle reel I stumbled upon and the following is taken from the official YouTube Page for iStunt Directory.

Armstrong Action: Led by Armstrong Action Stunt Company owner, Andy Armstrong (The Amazing Spider-man, Transformers, I Robot…) and stunt supervisor Gary Davis (The Green Hornet, Terminator 2, Speed…) This show provides an entirely new character-driven twist on stunt shows.

Andy Armstrong and his brother, Vic, work with their children, Andy’s son James, Vic’s daughters Nina and Georgia. Their famous stunt company, Armstrong Action has long been the rival of the Davis Family Stunt Company, which Gary runs with his daughter, Jennifer. Both of these families businesses are now threatened, as is the entire stunt industry, by fierce new competitor, one that does not bleed, does not die, and never says “no” – The Digital Stuntman.

These two great stunt families have now teamed up in order to square off with their rival. Armstrong Action will follow these two families as they work together to prepare fabulous new stunts that use the highest level extreme sports athletes, those already at the top of their game.

With the Armstrong Action professional stunt teams designing new stunts around them, these extreme sports athletes will be able to push their extremely popular sports to seemingly impossible, incredible new levels.

Keen on success and intent upon saving their businesses, while also protecting the stunt industry and the long-standing traditions of stuntmen, Andy and Gary will lead the show, working in tandem to create the greatest stunts ever attempted.

Along the way, many firsts will accomplished a few new World Records established. Most importantly, all will be entertained.

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Eoin Friel
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