February 24, 2014

Why We Don’t Need a Remake of The Raid

I’d completely forgotten about the asinine decision to remake The Raid until I heard that Patrick Hughes, director of Expendables 3 is apparently in line to direct. Not only that but according to The Wrap, the studio wants Chris and Liam Hemsworth to star.

In case you’ve been living on the Moon for the past few years, The Raid is an Indonesian martial arts actioner that is frankly, a complete masterpiece and arguably one of the best action movies of the past decade.

As I’ve said before, it’s also incredibly influential with movies like Extraction and Dredd using similar plot devices to tell their stories. Admittedly, Dredd was in production first but either way, we’ve already essentially seen an English language incarnation of the story.

The only reason I can think of that they want to remake it is because people are too lazy/dumb to watch a movie with subtitles. The dialogue really doesn’t even matter in this movie; it’s all about the action with fight scene after stunning fight scene. You could watch it on mute and you’d still know what’s going on.

Iko Uwais plays hero cop Rama with breathtaking martial arts skills and the film has an intensity which no Hollywood action movie has these days. There also is no one in Hollywood with those kinds of martial arts skills… maybe Scott Adkins but even then, I’d rather just see him in a sequel. But either of the Hemsworth brothers? That’s a terrible choice; I’m a big fan of Chris Hemsworth and enjoy him as Thor but The Raid? I think not.

If it HAD to be remade then at least get Isaac Florentine to direct; he’s a director who should be A-List and can create outstanding fight scenes. Then you can have them choreographed by Larnell Stovall or Tim Man.

There are plenty of original ideas out there so why keep remaking movies that no one is asking to be remade?!?! Look at the failure that was the Oldboy remake. The original is a modern classic, but the remake came and went with a whimper.

Stop catering to the lowest common denominator in audiences who can’t sit through a Non-English movie.

I know what people will say; “oh, you should give it a chance, it might be good”. No, actually it won’t.

Bring on The Raid 2: Berandal and finish with part 3… but the remake can go to Hell.

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