April 21, 2014

Stallone Talks Expendables 3

Joblo had a really in depth chat with Stallone and the lads on their recent set visit of ‘The Expendables 3’; when asked if there as a particular scene the cast are excited about Sly said:

The opening scene is the extraction of Wesley from the most heavily-fortified, armor-plated train via helicopter – and it’s real. So you’re going to see something that’s not CGI and is pretty extraordinary. And that’s just your opening. And we go from there to Somalia and it’s epic, it’s huge. And that’s where Mel Gibson makes his entrance. And right now we’re doing with Dan Bradley – who is considered the greatest action coordinator and second unit director in the world – I thought I was watching another movie – I was like, is this an outtake from Bourne? [laughs] it’s looking so good. So it’s really hard to pinpoint. These fellas here, they’re going to be doing some interesting one-on-one fights. Jason’s going to be fighting a monster, Ronda’s going to be fighting a monster. I just shoot guys, it’s easier. We developed that early into the character. But Mel and I are going to have a real one-on-one thing, that’s going to be pretty violent and interesting. Y’know, when I went into this business and did Rocky, I thought I wonder if I’ll ever be fighting that guy from Braveheart? It’s funny how all these roads end up here…

Sly went on to discuss the humour of the movie and getting the tone right.

“Yeah, we got some surprises for you. I think the best one so far. And that’s the hardest thing about doing sequels-people think it’s easy, it’s not, ‘cause you’ve lost the element of surprise and how to you keep putting on layers without being too pretentious or trying too hard, which is when in doubt push too hard. But, this time we actually have got a blend here. You’ve got yourself a very, very serious film and then you have adult humor, y’know what I mean, we’re not going for the cheap laughs. You gotta work for the laughs a little bit, y’know what I mean? They come out of the human comedy- the human error and that sort of element, so I think what you’re going to have here is a very glad surprise.

You know people always talk about ‘Oh, my baggage…’ Baggage is the best damn thing you can have, because that means you’ve got something to sell, to bring along with you. So, all these guys have big time bags, you see what I mean? And these guys [Young Expendables] are developing baggage – right now they’re shopping… they’re going to get it. A lot of time people are like, ‘oh, you’re stereotyped.’ Good. Good. Because, then you’re known for something, you know what I mean? The NFL is stereotyped for playing football.’

Everyone has this conjecture that action films are somewhat less prestigious than dramatic films. Nothing could be further from the truth.


‘Everyone has this conjecture that action films are somewhat less prestigious than dramatic films. Nothing could be further from the truth. I’ve done them both and this is hard and dangerous. I mean, Jason here nearly drowned to death – lucky he’s a great swimmer. All of us would’ve been walking around the bottom of the Black Sea by now. Well, not really walking, probably floating. That’s some serious stuff. Things happen here and to get all these elements to work, it’s very, very unique. They’re not going to make films like this much longer because it takes a certain person that’s willing to commit and go for it and have an aura. The hardest thing is to find an action star. I don’t give a damn what anyone says – stars, they come and go. An action star, you can count on one hand, because it’s a very interesting element.

And I think all these guys [Young Expendables] have that potential, they’re right there. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be here and they all blend. And it’s something I’m very proud of. All these guys do things that are highly unique and they’ve become specialized and rare. You’re lucky to be in this room, what’s wrong, man? You’re in the presence of greatness, kid, what’s going on with you?” 

THE EXPENDABLES 3 opens on August 15, 2014.

Source: Joblo

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