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April 25, 2014

The 10 Best ‘Transporter’ Trilogy Moments

I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed all three Transporter movies; first of all they introduced us to Jason Statham: The Action Star which kinda came out of nowhere.

Also, the first movie came out at a time when “fun” action movies had disappeared, giving us a new action icon in Frank Martin.

They are all nicely shot with inventive action scenes and first class fight choreography.

It’s been hard to narrow down just 10 moments as I enjoy so much of the movies, but here are my personal favourite Frank Martin scenes.

10. Assault on Frank’s House – The Transporter
I’m a stickler for real ‘splosions and this scene has the best of the series. It feels more like a James Bond film, especially when Frank and Lai (Shu Qi) swim underwater through a secret escape route. The action is nicely shot and the use of practical effects is always a welcome sight. Sadly I can’t find a clip for this anywhere.


9. Opening Car Chase – The Transporter
In this scene we find out that Frank martin is a man who lives by a set of rules, without them, things go wrong. This is pretty much the only scene where he actually sticks to his rules as he has a tendency to “look inside the package” and more. In this opening scene, Frank drives some bank robbers through the streets of the South of France. There are some excellent stunts and it really cemented Statham as a believable leading man and action hero.

8. Axe-Fight AKA Revenge – The Transporter
You thought you killed Frank Martin? WRONG! A goon goes to answer the doorbell, looks through the keyhole and WHACK, Frank kicks the door down and takes his revenge on pretty much everyone he sees. Frank rarely kills anyone and prefer to most badly injure people instead. The choreograph yin this scene is fantastic and is really our first look at Jason Statham as the new action star on the block.

7. “I’ll give you 5 seconds to remove your hands” – Transporter 3

A short but sweet fight scene with Frank (as usual) beating up a group of guys all while preventing his suit jacket from getting dirty.  It starts off with a goon chatting with Frank but it doesn’t take long for the conversation to go downhill.

Bad Guy: “10 seconds to change your mind….”
Statham: “I’ll give you 5 seconds to remove your hands”

6. Garage Fight – Transporter 3
Frank takes on an army of goons all while trying to stay his near his car, because if he moves more than a certain distance, he’ll explode… I hate it when that happens.

5. “Hold up. just came out of the dry cleaners” – Transporter 2
This is our introduction to Frank in Part 2; it’s funny how this is movie regarded as the weakest of the trilogy and yet the majority of my favourite scenes are in it. A group of thugs foolishly try to rob Frank; he coolly takes his jacket off and says “Hold up. just came out of the dry cleaners”… he then beats the living snot out of everyone without even breaking a sweat.

4. Oil Fight – The Transporter
This entire final action sequence from the first movie is pure action movie gold and is a nice nod to the 80’s actioners of old. The docks? Check. Explosions galore? Check. Epic fight scene? Check. A particular highlight is the use of bicycle pedals used as weapons.

3. “Permanently Disabled” – Transporter 3
I think I literally cheered in the cinema with this scene as it’s pure action movie gold; final fight with the villain on a fast moving train, followed by awesomely over the top bad guy death.
Johnson: “Frank, I’d like to offer you a position.”
Frank Martin: “I’d like to offer you a position, permanently disabled!”
What happens next is just plain awesome… just a shame I can’t find the clip; anyway, Frank cuffs Jonhson to the car, the car falls out of the train and explodes in truly awesome style.

2. Jet Ski Flip – Transporter 2
This moment is arguably the funniest scene of the trilogy for me; it’s the way Frank just casually throws the girl over his shoulder as he “borrows” her jet ski.

1. Hose Fight – Transporter 2
This is my number simply for the sheer inventiveness of it. I’ve never seen anything so ridiculously awesome as this fight and the choreography is spectacular. You really get to see just how impressive Statham is and why he deserves to be one of the biggest action stars in the business. The guy being hit in the balls with the hose make my eyes water every time too.

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