May 10, 2014

Antonio Banderas Talks Expendables 3

Antonio Banderas recently chatted with Collider about his role in the upcoming Expendables 3, due out this August.  He plays Galgo who is new to the team of mercenaries.

When asked about his character:

“His original name was Matador, and I have heard that name so many times, with so many characters that I have been offered.  I said, “No.  Matador, no.  We have to do something different.”  So “galgo” means greyhound.  It’s a very fast dog.  Galgo sounds easy and good in English, so they accepted it.  And another thing I said to him is, “Sly, you have to give me the possibility to make some comedy here.”  The whole entire project, and how the concept is created, I don’t see it as a very realistic approach to action.  We’re not doing the type of thing that is very realistic and goes through certain narrative rules and cinematic rules.  This goes in a completely different direction.  And he said to me, “You do whatever you wanna do and we will decide it, as we go.  If we’re going in the right direction, we’ll talk.”  So I took over the character with that idea, and I ended up improvising a lot, which is not easy for me, believe me, ‘cause it’s not my language.  But I think that actually adds some comedy, too.  So, I am the type of pain in the ass guy who never stops talking and where everyone’s rolling eyes when he arrives, but at the end, he’s tender and has some kind of past story that actually makes him lovable, in some way”.

“He’s a mercenary.  He is a guy who has been with a uniform in the Spanish army for a long time, in places of combat like Kosovo and Afghanistan and places like that.  But something happened to him, that you will see in the movie, that takes him out of that.  And so, he becomes a solitary man.  Knowing the existence of the expendables, he’s trying to approach them, by any means, but he never got the possibility.  In fact, when Sly Stallone’s character breaks up with the rest of the group, there’s the possibility to actually approach him, but he’s rejected.  But, he doesn’t stop there.  He keeps going and going and going and going and going, until he’s finally in the group.  He shows his skills and suddenly they say, “We’re gonna give you an opportunity.”  That’s the way that he gets into the group.  He wins his way inside the group by the actions that he does in the movie, basically”.

You can check out the full interview over at Collider.

Source: Collider

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