June 3, 2014

Sigourney Weaver Discusses a Potential Alien 5

Sigourney Weaver discussed potential new Ripley flavoured adventures at the LA Hero Complex Film Fest, according to the LA Times.

Weaver was midway through praising her character of Ellen Ripley, her iconic role from the “Alien” franchise, whom she called “an existential hero” with a firm “moral compass,” when she alluded to a very popular discussion among fans.

“Had we done a fifth one, I don’t doubt that her humanity would have prevailed,” mused Weaver. “I do feel like there is more story to tell.”

“A lot of corporations are still characterised by the same kind of greed [as Weyland-Yutani],” she continued. “It’s an idea that’s, unfortunately, very alive in our world.”

“I feel a longing from fans for the story to be finished,” concludes Weaver. “I could imagine a situation where we finish telling the story”.

So that sounds like Sigourney would be quite open for a new film but after the resoundingly negative reception towards Alien Resurrection, it’s difficult to see fans of the series getting all that excited.

Personally, I would be there as I absolutely adore the series and consider Aliens one of the best movies of all time.

Would you guys watch a new Alien movie with Ripley returning?

Source: LA Times

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