September 25, 2014

Luke Goss Starts Shooting “Your Move”

‘Your Move’ is written by Luke Goss and is also his directorial début; shooting is now finally under way with co-stars Robert Davi and Luis Gatica.

I spoke to Luke a few months back about the film and he said “it’s kind of an action thriller about a man whose wife is taken from him in New York. It’s not really like Taken; it’s definitely a kidnap story but it’s certainly not a man with a certain set of skills. You do see him coming out of a dojo at the opening of the movie but he’s a civilian, he’s not Special Forces or anything. He’s just a guy and his wife is taken. It’s not a negotiation of any kind. She’s in harm’s way, for sure.”



“Your Move needs to have a feeling of a man out of his element and that you need to feel alone and that nobody is there to help you because you don’t speak the language. If you don’t understand how things work then you’re also somewhat the victim. So you can actually feel somewhat vulnerable in that setting and that’s why we’re just going to film down there.

A more detailed plot has been found and it says that Luke will play a successful New York businessman who witnesses the brutal kidnapping of his family, who are in Mexico, during a video phone call. The character then sets out to track down his wife and child while taking revenge against the men who assaulted them.

Shooting is currently under-way and the film will likely be released in 2015.


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