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October 15, 2014

To Sequel or Not to Sequel: RoboCop (2014)

It was the reboot nobody really asked for but it was inevitable in this day and age; RoboCop was a reinvention of the Paul Verhoeven classic which came and went with little fanfare but it wasn’t a total failure.

The 2014 movie, directed by Jose Padilha, earned $242 million at the international box office but considering its budget was well over $100 million then it was seen as a letdown.

The thing is the 1987 RoboCop was such a beloved property and so many people, myself included had no interest in a remake.

There was very little, if anything wrong with Verhoeven’s original movie and the remake didn’t improve anything. In fact, it really lacked a lot.

The satire and humour were pretty much removed; it lacked a decent villain and it ended up just being another forgettable sci-fi actioner. There was also very little in terms of the over the top violence which is what genre fans loved about the 1987 classic.

It was destined to fail because let’s face it, we all wanted it to fail. It was always going to be compared with the original which was going to be an uphill struggle.

So why would we want a sequel? It’s quite simple; it wouldn’t be a remake. They could come up with a completely new story with the character which I think people would be more open to.

I think director Jose Padhila should be given more free reign to do what he would really like to with a follow up… if he were to return.

He said early on in the process of the first movie that there was a lot of studio interference. He described working on the film as the “worst experience”. For every 10 ideas he had, 9 were cut. Whatever he wanted, he had to fight. “This is hell here,” he apparently said. “The film will be good, but I never suffered so much and do not want to do it again.”

I think there is another great Robo film to be made and I don’t really blame the director for the reboot’s shortcomings; I also think it’s doubtful that Padhila would return though after the hardships of the first movie.

I would like a sequel to further explore the concept of this former cop who has lost his humanity and also to introduce proper villains into it. The PG-13 rating did nothing to help the box office either so how about we just go R this time like it always should have been?

One thing which was sorely missing from the reboot was RoboCop actually fighting crime; how about we actually have him taking on some crimelords and really amp up the action?

The star of the movie Joel Kinneman said in an interview with QMI Agency that he would certainly be interested in a follow up. “I’d be surprised if we do another one, but I’d be down,” he says, and then laughs. “I have to, it’s in my contract.”

So I think it’s doubtful that we’ll see a sequel but if one were to get the green light, I’d probably be more positively disposed towards it.

So would you kids watch a RoboCop sequel or should the franchise remain offline?

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