December 15, 2014

‘We Are Soldier’ Needs Your Support

Lee Asquith-Coe is the Writer/Director/Producer of the new indie actioner We Are Soldier and they have recently started an Indiegogo campaign.

We always like to support new talent and this sounds like an intriguing project.

The story is about a former violent criminal, who is forcibly reprogrammed to be a mindless Battle Drone; he regains his self-awareness in the heat of battle and must escape the clutches of his own forces whilst maintaining his newly-found humanity, or die trying.

This is the story of We Are Soldier, an ambitious, independent Sci-Fi thriller set in the not-too distant future.


I’ve essentially copied the details of this project from the film’s IndieGogo page which is right here:

So head on over to find out about the various perks you can receive for supporting this ambitious project.

The Digital Age has created a wealth of opportunities for low-budget independent filmmakers, but it’s still the same faces and names acting, writing, directing and producing at the local multiplex. We want to change that. Our goal, with each new feature we produce, is to introduce fresh and exciting talent to a cinema-going public. ALL our principal cast and crew on We Are Soldier are extremely talented, but they’ve yet to have their work highlighted on a project as ambitious as ours. Your support will enable us to bring previously undiscovered talent into the spotlight.


We have some truly incredibly talented people on board the project, all with the common goal of producing a quality independent Sci-Fi Film. As yet not all the major roles have been cast, so if you think you might be right for our film, please email us a CV with Headshot to So Here’s who’s attached so far including a few key roles yet to be filled.


Visual Effects

During the course of the film there will be a constant demand for Visual as well as on-set Practical effects. The world of VFX is ever-growing and ever-changing with new cutting-edge techniques being developed almost on a daily basis. As such, it’s almost impossible for low-budget filmmakers to deliver the level of content that knowledgeable cinema-goers expect and demand. As hinted at by our above still and below storyboard our project has the requires multiple VFX shots.

Our ‘Special Weapon’ is £750,000 worth of CGI hardware, software and personnel (including a state-of-the-art Mo-Cap studio), offered ‘in kind’ by the University of Bradford’s Visual Effects Production Department, its students and lecturers. In fact, one of our VFX Supervisors is a current lecturer at the university and we’re incredibly grateful for all the support that David Urwin and his team have offered us. Please checkout the incredible CGI trailer created by David and his team for the “We Are Soldier” Game.

We believe that we are the first independent production company to strike such a deal on a scale of this size, and we pride ourselves on the fact that it is a shining example of our commitment to working with fresh talent. In fact, ALL the CGI, 3D Animation and 2D Compositing on We Are Soldier completed by the students will go towards their final degree, and will offer the vast majority of them their first credit on a feature film.

Our other VFX Supervisor is Nick Tregenza who has many years of experience working at the highest levels in the industry, having worked on major productions such as The Monuments Men, Hercules and Jupiter Ascending. With this team on board, we are confident that we’ll be able to deliver the highest quality CGI yet seen in a low-budget film.

The Budget

We plan to divide our fund-raising efforts into 3 distinct phases. With this first phase of crowdfunding, we’re looking to raise enough to cover all necessary expenses for 1 week’s filming next March. During these 5 days we would shoot all the key battle scenes and, as such, we’re looking at explosions, pyro, weapons, costumes, stunt performers, assorted props, as well as all the key cast and crew – although the writer, director and producer are NOT getting paid. Sounds expensive and ordinarily it would be BUT we pride ourselves on finding another way, a unique approach to the whole process of making this film, what we have achieved so far is testament to that. £5000 seems a very low figure for such ambitious scenes. With technology so easily accessible to so many, anyone can shoot a film and with the right amount of passion, talent, experience and  belief it can be done and done very well indeed on a very small budget. Once  we have the footage “in the can” we will present some of that footage to YOU our backers, our social media followers, proving that we can achieve what we say we can thus kickstarting PHASE 2 soon after.

You can see from the work we’ve already done that we pay a lot of attention to detail, ensuring that the look and feel of the film is as bold and cinematic as possible. We want to be able to keep this up (and more besides) for the battles.

This project is very personal to us, so we wanted to make sure that our rewards for your donations were personal to the project. We’ve got all sorts of collectable memorabilia including bespoke key-rings, dog tags, original artwork, storyboards, T-Shirts, signed production stills and posters, plus more besides. Everything we’ve got in terms of perks has a direct link to this film and once our crowdfunding campaigns are over, once the film is in the can and locked down, those rewards won’t be offered or sold on to anyone else – they will be totally unique, limited editions. We wanted to make our perks special and we didn’t just want you to donate because you’re lovely people, we wanted you to own something that only a few others will ever have. Also, we have developed a game app for mobile phones and, whatever you decide to do – whether you donate or not – we’re making this app free to everyone who visits this campaign. It’s old school, it’s fun to play, and it’s mightily addictive.



Photo’s of ALL the PERKS Will be available at

Risks and Challenges 

There will always be certain risks and challenges inherent in the film-making process, especially for independently-funded productions. Therefore as we were calculating the budget, we had to take into consideration the possibility that we might not achieve our objective. As such, we have already built in contingency plans should we fall short of our initial target. These plans would in no way affect the story, dialogue or performances, but we may have to make tough decisions regarding the number of crew we hire, which locations we use and for how long, and the spectrum of equipment available to use may become narrower. However, we will do everything we can to avoid falling back on our contingency options, but we are reliant on your support.

And please remember, if you can’t donate, you can always support us by Liking us on Facebook, re-Tweeting on Twitter, or simply by Sharing the details of our campaign with your friends and colleagues.

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