April 16, 2015

Hey Hollywood! Give Us More Big Screen Van Dammage!

I think we can all agree that one of the best things about The Expendables series was the inclusion of one Jean-Claude Van Damme as Jean Vilain in Part 2. He was easily the highlight of the movie and was also the most memorable bad guy of the series.

Once the movie came out we were all delighted to see our hero JCVD back on the big screen again and it gave us hope that Hollywood would welcome him back and we could see him in some action blockbusters. Sadly that wasn’t the case with Enemies Closer, Welcome to the Jungle and Swelter pretty much going straight to DVD and quickly forgotten. If there was a theatrical release then it was very limited.


This bothers me as one of the all-time great action stars deserves more love and I want to see him in movies which people will actually pay to see on the big screen.

It doesn’t even have to be in an action movie either; I would like to see him tackle maybe a horror movie which is an area he hasn’t really explored so far. Remember a couple of years ago he was going to star in a horror flick called The Breed?

This summer I will make a new movie with a famous director called WEAPON (which would become Assassination Games). After that I will make a horror movie called THE BREED. Its a great story, great script with true emotion. I want to show the fans I am transferable. I wanted to make a horror movie a few years back but the script was weak and had no direction. BREED is different it’s set in a village where strange things happen… You know, let the movie speak for itself!

Sadly this movie never saw the light of day and we haven’t heard anything about it of late.

There was also of course the horror flick Abominable which was talked about many years ago now; the story was apparently about “Van Damme playing a park ranger in a remote community, where sightings of a BigFoot-like creature endanger the local residents.”

Yet another project that didn’t see the light of day was called The Monk; there were even some promotional photos done which I found courtesy of Van Damme Forum and it was to be directed by Ringo Lam. At least that’s what I think from the Google translation…





With the action drama JCVD, he showed that not only could he act but he could bring real heart to a movie when working with a quality script.

He expressed an interest in joining The Avengers movies in some capacity; now, I’m not sure who he could play but I’d sure pay attention if he was cast.

A while back Jean-Claude said: “I read that Chris Hemsworth would like me to costar in “The Avengers 2” movie! Well, it would be fun to play one of these types of amazing comic book characters again. 

By the way, I am a big fan of Marvel’s superhero Silver Surfer and also another heroic fictional character known as Doc Savage – the Man of Bronze!” 

Well he’s not about to be in The Avengers 2 but it would still be awesome to see him in some capacity in the future, possibly as an Agent of SHIELD?

One of my friends Mike suggested JCVD would be a great addition to Fast & Furious as an older, wiser car tech on the side of the good guys; he could have a “particular set of skills” from a past life which makes him an unpredictable (yet invaluable) asset.

Like we discussed before I’d still love to see an Expendables spin-off which could be all about the rise of Jean Vilain and  even had a story idea which I posted a year or so ago.

Jean Vilain was raised on the streets; after both of his parents were murdered in cold blood, he turned to petty crime. Jean catches the eye of the local crime boss who trains him how to fight. He soon becomes a feared enforcer and fights for money.

One night, his blood lust goes too far and he beats a man to death and is caught by the police. He’s given a choice: Join the military or go to prison. He chooses the military and his fighting skills make him the perfect choice for an assassin. In the military he befriends a man known as Hector (Scott Adkins) and the two begin to work together.

Killing comes far too easy to Vilain and he begins to take genuine pleasure in the suffering of others. When witnesses watch him and Hector mercilessly kill an unarmed family, they are kicked out of the military.

Jean and Hector become mercenaries, hired guns where no job is too dirty. Vilain has reached a point where he will no longer take orders from other men; only give them. And if they don’t respect him… he will teach them respect.

See? Wouldn’t that be awesome?

So come on Hollywood! Give us more Big Screen Van Dammage!

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