May 13, 2015

Victor Webster Talks Continuum Finale

Victor Webster is a Canadian actor best known for his roles as the mutant Brennan Mulwray in Mutant X, Coop the cupid on Charmed and detective Carlos Fonnegra on Continuum.

With shooting underway on the fourth and final season of Continuum, we caught up with him in Vancouver for an update on the show and what’s next for him.






With Continuum the series coming to a close, any story ideas you wish Carlos had had a chance to explore? Was anything pitched that never came to fruition?

There was one ending that I heard was swirling around the writer’s room and I thought ‘wow that would have been awesome’. We didn’t end up going in that direction but it would have been a very cool ending for Carlos.

No hints as to what that was?

(laughs) No, sorry. I am sworn to secrecy.

As you get closer to filming the final episode does it become clearer in your mind that your journey as Carlos is coming to a close and it is tough to deal with having played that character and having him being so much of your recent life?

It is you know, it’s really bittersweet. It’s a great opportunity to go out there and see what else is next and to put yourself back in the game again but it’s also a bummer – this would have been a fantastic five season show. Simon (series creator Simon Barry), had so many things planned, but it’s just one of those things, can’t do anything about it. Carlos has been a really fun character, he’s been very serious and that’s different from a lot of characters that I usually play. I like the lighter side and adding a little more humor, having more fun – he was like that in the first season with some one liners and then it started getting really serious and dark, so that was a good challenge for me to go to those dark places and really see what I could find in there and explore that character, so that was fun.


With a short season the writers will have to be working hard on cramming in as much story as possible. Do you think that they have managed to give the show the send-off it so richly deserves?

This season is light on story – heavy on action. What I mean by ‘light on story’ is that it has very intricate pieces, a lot of good character stuff. I don’t in anyway mean they have forgotten about the story – there are some really really powerful moments this year, but, last year was very heavy on character and story and this year is a balance of that with a ton of action. We are blowing shit up, there’s lots of fights, gun-play, car chases, helicopters, tanks, and it’s incredible.

So you are going out with a bang…

A huge bang! An atomic bomb bang!

Are we in store for any major twists or turns and will Carlos get a chance to put on the suit?

Hmmmm. That’s a point of contention for me (laughs). I am so tired of Carlos getting his ass kicked by super soldiers all the time. I just want that one shot to put the suit on and have an even match against somebody. Carlos gets his this season, he does, he gets redemption. I’ve got a bunch of fights this year and they are really really good. There is one fight in particular that is a three minute long fight scene – just dirty and filthy, breaking stuff – it’s great.

The ending is not something the audience is going to expect. The way we end it I would say leaves as many questions as it answers. It really screws with your mind so it’s pretty spectacular, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from Simon.


So it is left with the possibility of a return at a future date…

There’s definitely the ability to have a spin-off, for sure, and I think that they have written it that way on purpose.

You have been on several shows now with a very passionate and dedicated fan base. As an actor does that make it even tougher when the end of the series arrives?

It certainly makes it tougher while you are doing the show because you realize how many people watch and love the show and that really put a lot of pressure on you to really deliver for them and for yourself. The ending of a show is always tough because you have spent four years with these people and they become really good friends – some like family – and as much as you all say you will stay in touch and still see each other, it’s like high school graduation, there’s very few people you stay in touch with because you go and start living your lives again. So, that’s always really sad but it’s also exciting to see what else is out there and what’s in-store for me next.

When we spoke to you and Rachel Nichols before, you had both said that this crew in particular is a very close knit group…

Very much so. Simon handpicked everybody so they are a reflection of him. All we do all day is make jokes and bust each other’s balls, it’s so much fun. There is not a serious person in the crew and everyone is there to have a good time. We are not saving the world, everybody knows that, we are just making a really great TV show and having fun doing it. You have to spend five days a week/fourteen hours a day with people, you have to hope that they are good people and these are some of the best I have ever worked with as far as their attitude and skill level.


You are also shooting Rio Heat with Harvey Keitel, what can you tell us about that?

I have shot the first two episodes of that, now I am here in Vancouver to finish Continuum and then I am going back to film eleven more episodes. Working with Harvey Keitel has been such a surreal experience. I have watched so many of his movies and he is such a talented actor who has played a variety of different characters and to be in a room across from him doing a scene is a huge fanboy moment for me. Shooting in Brazil – wow – it’s an incredible place to be. Just so much life, and such colourful people. There are five of us and we didn’t shoot at all in studio while there, it was all on the streets of Brazil, in nightclubs and restaurants and you are dealing with helicopters flying around dealing with hostage situations and guys with megaphones selling fruit out of the back of a truck. From that to a few crowing roosters in the middle of a scene, you definitely felt like you were ‘in the city’ shooting.  That is really going to appear in the final product. You will feel as though you are immersed in Rio while you watch it. The first two episodes were shown by Stephen Campanelli and was really great about featuring Rio as another character in the show.


Much like the way Vancouver is in Continuum…


And you play Sean…

Yup, Sean Williams and he is former Canadian special forces turned cop who retires and moves to Brazil to find his mother and sister who took off. Harvey Keitel plays a character a bit like Charlie from Charlie’s Angels and he tracks me down and recruits me to work for him while I am in Brazil with the promise of helping me find my family. Sean is a very interesting character because he likes to drink, likes to party, he is a ladies man who doesn’t take anything seriously and his answer to everything is to make a joke. I am teamed up with a sexy local former cop who is played by the super beautiful and talented Thaila Ayala, and she is extremely serious, so the fireworks from us butting heads all the time is really fun.

Rio Heat – Sizzle Reel

Anything you would like to say to the Continuum fans who have been on this journey with you?

I would just like to say thank you so much for being there and taking our small Canadian show and getting it into 155 countries around the world, supporting it and helping us live our dreams and just make what I think is an incredible show. We really appreciate it.


Continuum returns for it’s six episode series finale on July 26, 2015

Rio Heat debuts in 2016

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