June 13, 2015

Watch A 45-Minute Cut Of Unseen ‘Blade Runner’ Footage

Kombini got their hands on some rather interesting Blade Runner footage, some of which we’ve never seen before; on the site they state;

“Thrilled by the prospect of the Blade Runner sequel with Ryan Gosling, but worried about how it’ll stack up against Ridley Scott‘s original cult classic? A new cut of the OG sci-fi emerged on Reddit on Wednesday, featuring 45 minutes of deleted and unused scenes from the 1982 movie. If nothing else, it proves that Gosling and new director Denis Villeneuve have a lot to live up to.

Indiewire reports that the cut was originally on the 2007 Complete Collector’s Edition, but it only began making the online rounds this week.


Thanks to some savvy editing and judicious use of B-roll, deleted scenes and alternate shots, and, it offers a pretty wholly formed view of the dystopian LA inhabited by ex-cop protagonist Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford).
There’s even two alternate endings, including one in which Deckard whisks his robo-love interest Rachael (Sean Young) out of the city. In an improbably happy voiceover, the rogue replicant hunter wraps up the film with the words: “I told her I loved her. She told me it was the happiest day of her life.”

This isn’t the first alternate cut of Blade Runner. Scott was famously tangled with his studio over the final edit of the film after test audiences told producers they’d much rather see a happy ending and not one that ends with a dying android with bleached hair monologuing about tears in the rain. The director later ending up releasing a Director’s Cut in 1991 and a Final Cut in 2007.”

Source: Kombini

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