July 20, 2015

Days of Future Past Theatrical vs. Rogue Cut

I picked up the extended Rogue Cut of X-Men Days: Days of Future Past the other day so I thought I’d put a piece together to see if it was worth purchasing.

The short answer is yes, it is very much worth picking up. Although I had no major issues with the theatrical cut of the film I think this version really is the definitive version of DOFP.

In a rather fortuitous piece of timing a user called Teleekom on Reddit has pointed out several of the “new” scenes which you can read about below, although I think there may be one that he’s missing.


There is a moment between Charles and Magneto where they are shouting at each other on the plane. Charles says that Erik/Magneto abandoned him but Erik fires back naming various mutants that have died and that it was Charles who abandoned them. While Erik gets angrier the plane begins to bend and crush in on itself and hurtles towards the ground. Once he calms down Erik repairs the plane and they are safe once again. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t in the theatrical cut but this was my favourite moment from the film.

So here are the moments that Teleekom has pointed out from Reddit:

    • In the dystopian future, there is a conversation about the consequences of changing the future. Maybe they won’t be alive in the alternative timeline. They talk about group voting – Professor X says “they just did”.
    • Bobby and Kitty kiss each other, it is much more apparent that they are in a relationship.
    • When Logan arrives in the past and wakes up in bed with a girl, they have conversation in a car after he kill those mobsters. She asks what’s up with all that crazy talk, etc.
    • Other mutants help Raven with Stryker’s soldiers.
    • In Quicksilver’s house, Logan has a conversation with Quicksilver’s little sister. It’s implied that their mother is an alcoholic.
    • Kitty gets injured by Wolverine and Bobby says that Rogue could take her place instead. Rogue is being held captive in Cerebro in Professor’s old house where she is being experimented on.
    • Short conversation between Bobby and Kitty. Kiss.
    • Wolverine and Beast in the house talks about cancer and Beast asks if he makes it in the future (this scene was towards the end in the theatrical release). Logan says he won’t but reassures him in the end.
    • Mystique goes back to Charles’ house, Beast fixes her leg up. They Kiss. They almost have PG-13 mutant sex.

    • Magneto and Bobby go into Professor’s house where they find Rogue in Cerebro with scientists experimenting on her.

  • Meanwhile in the past a young Magneto breaks into a some kind of museum and take his helmet. This is happening alongside the rescue.
  • Bobby dies while Magneto and Rogue are fleeing the sentinels.
  • Mystique smashes Cerebro and says “Sorry Charles”.
  • Rogue takes Kitty’s powers, Wolverine realizes.
  • Beast tells Wolverine that he let Mystique in and she destroyed Cerebro. But he’s got another plan on how to find her.
  • Talk between war veteran and Professor on the sentinel parade.
  • Rogue is in place of Kitty in the scenes from the dystopian future.
  • Mid credit scene that shows Bolivar Trask as a prisoner in the facility where they kept Magneto.

So I think those are the main scenes and I have to say that I won’t watch the theatrical cut now that I know so much was edited out; the film is really quite different and I think every scene was a worthy addition. So if you’re a fan of X-Men and wondering if you should double dip for this new Rogue Cut then I would say definitely give it a shot.


Source: Reddit

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