August 8, 2015

In Action: A Two-Person Action Movie

We were contacted by Sean Kenealy about an indie project entitled In Action; what’s interesting about it is that there are only 2 people in it.

I’ve taken the information from the Kickstarter campaign page which I’ve pasted below so if you’d like to support it then you can check out the full page here:

The Vision: In Action is a purposely mega low-budget action movie! A two-man show with Eric and Sean acting out their adventures, playing numerous villains, and engaging in fight scenes of epic proportions…all taking place in one room.

But this isn’t just two guys sitting in a chair chatting. Rather, by utilizing set-design, sound design, make-up, costumes and the genre’s camera/editing techniques, we will create the style and feel of an awesome action flick for a totally new and fun movie experience!

While the plot resembles a conventional, big-budget action movie, it’s presented in this unconventional way to show that solid storytelling, even on a shoe-string budget, can keep an audience on the edge of their seats just like a $200MM summer action flick can. Basically, we’ll be making the indie-est action movie of all time.

What This Movie Is About

Eric and Sean were two failed writers: One a stay at home dad, the other working the corporate grind with a baby on the way. But when they reconvene at a mutual friend’s wedding they decide to redeem their lives by starting a new screenplay…if only to escape a little from flirting at book clubs and going to Lamaze classes.

Living halfway across the country from one another, the two coordinate through emails, texts, and phone calls, plotting their over-the-top action movie—everything the good ‘ole 80s/90s taught us about balls-out thrills: creepy terrorists, an endangered US President, and enough chemical weapons to melt your face! But due to their suspicious emails on chemical weapons and terrorist plots, Eric and Sean end up in one hell of mess…

They’re captured by a sector of the NSA, who believe their screenplay is the workings of an actual terrorist plan. Now they’re tied up in an underground lair, and an interrogator, known only as the Cowboy, demands to know how their script ends, “for the safety of the country.” Eric and Sean plead innocence, that this is all a silly mistake and they’re just lowly writers, but their word means nothing. As the Cowboy readies to tear them more new holes than a Michael Bay plot, they dig down and fight their way out—well almost…

Eric and Sean escape and search the underground lair, realizing it wasn’t the NSA who kidnapped them but a terrorist outfit adopting their script for a real attack. To survive, they tunnel through rat-infested darkness, dodge torture from an insane, razor-toothed lady, and battle a Terminator-esque giant. They fight for the comfortable life they’d taken for granted—for their wives’ smiles and every sappy moment they thought they were too good for. Broken and beaten, Sean and Eric do what they’ve written about all this time: they fight dirty, save some hostages, and kill the world’s deadliest terrorist group on their home turf.

Book club and Lamaze classes will never be the same…

We Need Your Help Because

We know a two-person action movies sounds nuts, but we love the action genre, and with your help we’re going to prove that two guys with a crazy idea and strong vision, or anyone with a crazy idea and strong vision, can do something just as epic as a major Hollywood studio.

Every Dollar Will Help With

Getting our amazing team on board! Locking in the location we spotted in Brooklyn, New York! The equipment and production design that will make this movie come to life and have it be more than just two people talking in a room!

We’re going to recreate the feel of a wedding hall and an underground lair through creative set design, sound mixing and camera work! I mean, we’re going to create the heart-pounding experience of a car chase…but filmed in an empty room – it’s going to be wild, and your support will make it all possible!

About the Author

Eoin Friel
Eoin Friel

I grew up watching JCVD, Sly and Arnold destroy bad guys, blow things up and spew one-liners like it’s a fashion statement. Action is everything I go to the movies for and the reason I came up with this site is to share my love for the genre with everyone.



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