July 12, 2016

Randy Couture Talks Expendables 4

It’s funny how I never seem to hear reports from other Expendables cast members, like Sylvester Stallone but Randy Couture has been talking with NY Daily News about Expendables 4 and the all-female starring Expendabelles (which is a terrible name I might add). He says “I am hearing ‘Expendabelles’ talks have been going on for the past two years.”

“I heard they had a script they were adapting for ‘(The Expendables) 4’ and that we were going to start shooting for ‘4’ in the fall,” Couture said. “Now I’m hearing it might be pushed back and ‘The Expendabelles’ might be back on the docket.”


I don’t know about any of you kids, but I really need The Expendables 4; there is really not anything very exciting going on at the moment in terms of action movie news and I need something to talk about.

Now, I know the last movie was a disappointment; there was too big a cast and the PG-13 rating diluted what should have been a bloody massacre on screen.

The thing is about The Expendables movies is that it’s the build up which is exciting; who will be cast in them? Who will play the villain? Who will direct? What will the story be? Will it be hard R with explicit scenes of violence?

These are all the most important questions and I just love talking about the movies no matter how much of a let down they may end up being. Will JCVD come back? Will Dwayne Johnson be the bad guy? Will we ever see Seagal or Jackie Chan in the series? I don’t care if they’re true, it’s just fun to talk about.

You know who would be an interesting choice to direct? Robert Rodriguez. I think he would be perfect; now put the pitchforks down and hear me out.

His movies usually tend to be lower budget throwbacks to old-school, violent grindhouse movies and that’s frankly what The Expendables should be. It doesn’t need a huge budget; this isn’t The Avengers. It needs to get back to being down and dirty; don’t worry about bringing in the kids, just make it for us. No apologies.

If not Rodriguez then how about Gareth Evans or a script from Shane Black and directed by John McTiernan? Two men who cut their teeth on real action movies like Predator so they they know how to do ensemble movies.

Stallone always said Part 3 was going to match The Raid which was obviously bollocks so a part 4 is the way to go and rectify that. In fact, bring in Iko Uwais and Yayan Ruhian and make them the bad guys so we need everyone in the final fight rather than just Sly vs. *fill in the blanks*

Also I really enjoyed Creed; it was an entertaining boxing movie with heart but do I really care about Stallone coming back for a sequel? No. Rocky had his final moment to shine but Barney Ross still has a few rounds left that need to be unleashed at countless henchmen.

I know I’m a dying breed and few people really care about The Expendables series but for the love of God, give me some real action with real action heroes to get excited about again! At least until John Wick 2 comes out next year.


Source: NY Daily News

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