December 27, 2016

Action Actor J. Cheung Spotlight

(Lead photo by Kamil Janowski)

With ‘Fist of the Dragon’ nominated for five awards at the Widescreen Film & Music Video Festival in Miami, the focus shifts to another talented individual involved in the film: action actor, producer, and rapper J. Cheung. Mr Cheung wrote the end credit song on Fist of the Dragon and also worked as a stunt double for Juju Chan, in addition to working on some of the action scenes as well as an additional fighter. The multi-talented J. Cheung also worked on ‘Now You See Me 2′ and ’47 Ronin’ as a stunt double. He shares a couple of really cool Fist of The Dragon training stills with Juju Chan, the photos were taken in 2012 by Kamil Janowski.

Please check out J. Cheung’s action demo on YouTube:

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