December 27, 2016

Janice Hung Wushu Challenge

(Above photo: Seagen Entertainemt 2016)

Greetings and happy holidays, action actress Janice Hung has issued a challenge! This one actually found it’s way direct to my Facebook Page! Haha, I am always up for a good challenge! I am not as young, talented, sweet, attractive, nor flexible as Janice is, however, I threw in a bit of creativity, substituting a gardening weed tool for her deadly sword! I did my challenge outside, braving the dead of winter, in 80 degree weather, with my avocado and banana tree in the background. Wushu is a true art form, thus I feel the connect with nature is in the spirit of the challenge. Read on to complete the challenge!

This challenge requires a bit of creativity, because you have to collage the photos with her poses. Winners get video greetings, and the overall winner gets more prizes, including workout gear. Janice is a really humble and inspiring lady to the children she teaches. Janice is starring in the hit  Encantadia, as the Snake Goddess Ether, she is watched by massive audiences all across the Philippines as evidenced by her transformation video crossing the 300,000 view mark in one month! ! in 2017 watch for more on Janice, including and exclusive interview, autographed photo contest, and some real surprises! Kick High!

This is a cool Wushu video Janice did that shows some forms and poses:

Make sure to like and follow Janice’s social media pages for more:

Gem Suniga Morales
George Jhong S. Doron

Here’s the mechanics of The Wushu Challenge

  1. Take a photo of yourself doing any of her Wushu stances or forms.
    2. Collage your photo with her Wushu photo.
    3. Tag your friends to do the Wushu challenge.
    4. Post it in your wall then kindly share in the group.

    5. Winners will be announce..
    10 members
    5 admins
    6. This Wushu challenge is open to public.
    7. Start posting is December 25, 2016
    8. Mention your admins after you post the challenge. Para ma monitor namin kayo.
    Include the hashtag.
    Dead line of submission December 30,2016

Very important go to Janice Hung’s Official Facebook page or the internet to look for various poses.

As always, keep action alive!

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