February 16, 2017

PLAN B: Catch The First Trailer For Reel Deal Action’s New Martial Arts Comedy Debut

You probably knew of this as much as I did. If not, consider yourself part of an audience of the delightfully suprised with the new German martial arts action comedy, Plan B: Scheiss Auf Plan A. The core team of German stunt and film production unit, Real Deal Action, take center stage for this one with Can Aydin, Cha-Lee Yoon and Phong Giang all tackling starring roles this time around after years of performing stunts and climbing the ladder with credits like Big Game, Hitman: Agent 47, Kung Fu Yoga and xXx: The Return Of Xander Cage to name a few.

Billed as an homage to blockbuster and cult action stars from yesteryear as heralded by their costumes if you know the look, Ufuk Genc and Michael Popescu make their pairing directorial debut with a story telling of a group aspiring action stars and their manager as they stumble their way into the wrong building for an audition. With one of their own taken hostage by a ruthless gangster, the others are forced to fight their way through Berlin’s criminal underbelly in search of clues to find a mysterious safe. That means taking on people like K1 fighter Aristote Luis and prolific Hollywood action and stunt starlet, actress Heidi Moneymaker (Captain America: The Winter Soldier/Civil War) among the raft of badasses that await them.

Joining our cast is U-Gin Boateng with actress Julia Dietze of Iron Sky fame, and actors Florian Kleine, Henry Meyer and Laurent Daniels also starring. The film is slated for a local German release from 20th Century Fox on June 8, 2017, and on that note with a hopeful sequel in development, I couldn’t be prouder to share this official trailer with you below.

Let’s cross our fingers in favor of a theatrical release abroad and especially here in the U.S.. I know people who would pay to see a film like this on the big screen and not for nothing either. I wholly believe this cast has earned it.

Enjoy the official trailer!

20th Century Fox (Germany)

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