July 31, 2017

Indie Feature: Kid Fury (2017)

Plot: In this over the top action fantasy, Kang directs and stars as a mob boss who has a run-in with a young martial arts dynamo: Kid Fury, played by newcomer Timothy Mah.

Jino Kang has really been making a name for himself over the past few years in independent martial arts movies and his latest work is a pilot for an online series called Kid Fury which he wrote, directed and starred in. This time he plays a very effective villain who has a penchant for slapping his own men for their incompetence (in true villain style) but despite being the bad guy Kang still manages to include some humour so you still root for him when Kid Fury shows up to get his “prized possession”.

We never actually find out what it is but it’s done in that Pulp Fiction style where we see that it’s something gold and shiny and stored in a small box.

The pilot is only 14 minutes long but it gives a taster of what to expect and by the end I was ready for episode 2… which is coming, but not quite ready yet.

Some of the supporting cast aren’t the greatest actors in the world and despite this show being about Kid Fury (played by newcomer Timothy Mah) this is still Jino Kang’s show who exudes likability and has the most personality.

The fight scenes have nice, fluid camera work and although not exactly matching the intensity of bigger budgeted movies like The Raid they are still massively entertaining and it’s refreshing that you can see everything that’s going on. The sword fight is spectacular with both Kang and Mah getting to show off their impressive fighting skills.

Overall, there isn’t much else to say at this stage as Kid Fury was just a 14 minute pilot but I liked what I saw so far and would happily watch future episodes. Jino Kang has personality and charisma to spare and the sword fight is one of the best you’ll see this year.

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