October 3, 2017

Janice Hung Udefend Project! Success!

Greetings readers! Janice Hung has this to report from her free seminar with underprivileged kids:

Udefend Project was a huge success. This is really fulfilling seeing all those kids learn to defend themselves and be able to instill self confidence. I hope I could spend more time with them but I know that the 4 hours training is already enough to inspire them and I know that this day is somehow unforgettable for them.

I always say that I don’t need to be so famous and so rich what I have is my talent thus my mission is to share it to as many people as possible. Simple act of kindness can really go along way. You too can make a difference.

Join us next time in our next Udefend Project.

But for now let me thank all the people who supported me with this project. Big Thanks to my Project Manager Claire Fabella, for giving all your heart and all your effort. To my JHF and JHL Family Daphnie Eunice, Hearty Marjj, Bella, Patricia, Ate Kinney, Bess Sara and to my admins George and Hyuno, to my Team Abroad who never fail to support all my endeavor, to 5C Production and PixelleBug for documenting, to Badz, Emil, Jacko and Jayson, To Josie and Aze for volunteering, To my Saegen Entertainment, To my Special Guest Kyle Naron and Amir Ghoncheh.

Special Thanks to Bryan Tan, Ate Margs, Mel Dina and Kuya Steve and to all my friends who supported this advocacy.

Big Thanks to the student and teachers of Payatas B Annex Elementary School for actively participating today and to their very supportive Principal Dr. Lilian Gabriel Gundao you are so amazing the kids are blessed to have you.

Our Journey in UDefend just started. Keep in mind
Don’t be Helpless. Defend, Strike, Survive. You can be your own hero.

Join us again next time.

This is an amazing cause, so many kids lives touched in one place—As always Keep Action Alive!

For more information on this charitable cause:




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