October 4, 2017

Producer/Writer Janice Eymann Interview

Just about every action site on Earth has picked up the news that a new script entitled ‘Pepper’ has been developed, possibly starring actress JuJu Chan. I was very interested to find out more about Producer/Writer Janice Eymann, and her story. She never has done an interview for any outlet, it is my honor and privilege to introduce to you Janice. We have agreed NOT to discuss ‘Pepper’ at this time, as it is currently in development, with many things pending. Of course, as soon as the project gets rolling, more exclusive info will be provided! Keep your browsers locked into your home for action, The Action Elite.


DT: Thanks again for agreeing to do this special interview with The Action Elite, please talk about your upbringing, and your love for animals.

JE: I am Australian born and a Swiss citizen due to my marriage to Hans Eymann.

My early years were spent as a country girl and horses have been with me throughout my life. Competing in dressage and breeding Trakehner Warmbloods. We still live in the country outside of Sydney. I have an office at Fox Studios.


DT: Can you talk a little about your early years in film, so our audience can get to know a bit more of your training?

JE: My very early years were spent in Los Angeles as a green crew member eventually becoming a script supervisor, union member, assistant director, writer, and script assessor for fifteen years. I returned home due to illness in my family and I married Hans and here I am!

DT: What can you say about transitioning from writing to producing?

JE: Film has been my life… all genres. I write drama, action and fantasy.

In Australia I realized pretty quickly that writing was one way to starve to death, so I put on a producer’s hat and it worked.  I now am CEO of Filmworks, and I am proud of it’s achievements.


DT: I saw you were listed as an executive producer on ‘Creation’, talk about that project and what is it about.

JE: I found a book, optioned it and packaged it and sold that to Hanway….the result was CREATION that was the premiere film at Toronto in 2010.


DT: What about your other films?

JE: I have films now with directors that are A-list and award winners and I am still amazed at my luck.  Of course those scripts are not written by me!  I am not that good.


DT: I think you are an amazing talent, writing and producing, how do you unwind when not working?

JE: I am totally blessed to be doing what I love doing, it’s hard and long hours but really rewarding and the friends I have in this industry are lifelong mates.

Relaxing is not always possible, I find my mind is always racing, and to take that edge away I go outside and hang out with our five pet sheep, two mini ponies and our gorgeous dogs. One big Bernese Mountain dog and a tiny Jack Russell. Hans and I love to binge on TV series and also we love cooking, Swiss, Asian….whatever…We have a big garden and we are mad environmentalists.

DT: Yes I have a garden as well, it is relaxing. Wrapping up,  final thoughts, any words of wisdom to conclude with?

JE: So that’s about it, I am really not all that interesting or special, but thanks for the opportunity to talk about myself.


DT: WOW,  not that special, well in our eyes you are! Stay tuned for 2018, and see what is in the cards for Pepper! Should be kick ass! Thanks Janice, great first interview, excited to have your talent and skill on The Action Elite. As always Keep Action Alive. Watch for more exclusives in 2018!

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Dan Templegod
I have written for more than a half dozen movie and music magazines. Zazz, Jam, The Wild Rag, Revelations, Sirens Of Cinema, Tampa Bay Spike, and Vengeance. All have ceased to exist, welcome to the age of the internet!! I currently write for Dan's Movie Report



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