Dossier: Aaron Gassor ‘Ginger Ninja Trickster’

In a new segment on the site, we profile up and coming martial artists, stunt men and more. Our first Dossier is on Aaron Gassor AKA 'Ginger Ninja Trickster'
by Alex Paul



Dossier: Kristina Baskett

Name: Kristina Baskett About: Kristina Baskett was born and raised in Normandy Park, WA where gymnastics became an important part of her life at a very early age. After becoming a Junior Olympic Champion, she earned a full ride...
by Alex Paul


Shaun Gerardo Interview

Shaun Gerardo studied Muay Thai, American Kempo and Brazilian Jujitsu. He is also a writer, actor, Award winning poet and producer. Shaun has worked on X-Men: First Class, Survival of the Fittest, TV Series Numb3rs and more. He...
by Eoin Friel