Plot: A deaf girl is brutalized by a murderous gang who are then hunted by her when the bloodthirsty spirit of an Apache warrior inhabits her lifeless body.

Review: I didn’t think it was possible to see so many intestines in one movie but Savaged managed to do it. If you get to watch this movie, make sure you’re not eating a hot dog… or frankly anything at all as it’s a complete splatterfest.

I’d been reluctant to watch it when I heard it was about a girl getting raped and then having a gruesome revenge but there actually isn’t a rape scene in it. It is implied off screen; the movie is sort of a cross between The Crow and I Spit on Your Grave.

I did find the synopsis for the film unintentionally funny though when they describe how the protagonist Zoe (Amanda Adrienne) is a “lovely deaf girl”. Much better than those evil deaf girls any day.

Anyway, I actually really enjoyed Savaged, if indeed “enjoy” is the right word; I’m a pretty sick guy though so yeah, I enjoyed it.

Amanda Adrienne is indeed lovely and incredibly sympathetic and the Hell she goes through is pretty tough to watch, but by God does she ever get her revenge.

Let me set up the highlight of the movie for me: a guy gets his stomach ripped open by a broken bottle and then has his intestines ripped out. Like I said, make sure you aren’t eating anything as it is a tough watch.

I didn’t find the violence that offensive though as it was so over the top that I was laughing more than anything; can’t imagine why I’m single.

There are plenty of disturbing moments though and if you’re a fan of The Crow then you’ll really enjoy the supernatural element of the story. Personally, I thought seeing the ghost of the Apache warrior was a bit too much and it would have been better left to the imagination.

It was beautifully shot and director Michael S. Ojeda definitely has a bright career ahead of him; he has a great visual style and every scene looked fabulous.

The acting was also pretty first rate and Rodney Rowland’s lead villain Trey is pretty much The Devil himself. He’s a racist, redneck piece of sh*t and I was counting down to watching him get his comeuppance. His whole family are awful so no matter what Zoe does to them, you won’t lose any sleep over their deaths.

I was genuinely emotionally involved in the story and was glued right up until the end. The script worked nicely and I liked the idea of the Native American getting revenge; haven’t seen that since the classic Thunder Warrior movies.

Overall, Savaged is a tough watch but if you’re a fan of hardcore revenge flicks then you should put it on your “must watch” list.

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