Plot: Agent Kate Estrada and Marine sniper Brandon Beckett are sent to Colombia to kill an assassin and capture a notorious drug lord.

Review: The Sniper series is one of the few franchises that has been consistently entertaining; it started with Tom Berenger as the lead Thomas Beckett and he has essentially now passed the torch to his on-screen son Brandon Beckett Jr. playing by Chad Michael Collins. Sniper: Ultimate Kill may be one of my favourite entries in the series not just because of the R rated action but also the human element.

Where Beckett Senior and Junior have thus far been quite distant on an emotional level, their relationship changes in this movie and we finally see Thomas Beckett Sr. emote in a way we have never seen. He can see his own mortality now and he wants to spend more time with his son; he even breaks down during one scene in a moving moment with his son whereas Brandon is wondering what life holds in store for him if he continues on the path of a sniper.

The story is also tense as Beckett Jr. is called into Columbia to take down a vicious drug dealer. This is arguably the most violent entry of the series which is no bad thing; we have some of the most brutal kills to date with heads being blown apart and faces literally exploding. I was cheering at those points which is probably why I’ll die alone but I’ve long since made peace with that.

Anyway, as usual with the Sniper series there is little to no noticeable CGI with the action done practically and there are several impressive set-pieces. There are some choice one-liners too courtesy of Billy Zane who always had the best dialogue in the series. His banter with Thomas Beckett is one of the highlights as this is the first time we finally get to see them onscreen together since the first movie.

Series newcomer Danay Garcia plays the tough as nails cop Kate Estrada and is a welcome addition to the cast and is someone I would like to see return to the series. Although they don’t get together you can tell she and Brandon hit it off and a relationship could bloom in future entries.

In terms of flaws, there are some elements that are predictable including the identity of the mole, which was pretty obvious as soon as they were on-screen.

Overall, Sniper: Ultimate Kill once again delivers solid action with the cast on sparkling form and some quality violence making this one of the best in the series.

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