I think a better title would be The Boring Lethargy

As most of you know, I was never a fan of the Bourne series; it always annoyed me how people would say that “this is the future of action movies”. No it ain’t and it looks like this franchise is finally going to die. Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate the other 3 movies were (mostly) well made, but they were action movies for people who don’t like action movies.

To describe this movie as a mess is an understatement; the narrative structure is all over the place and the pacing is unremittingly tedious. I knew in the first 15 minutes when NOTHING happened that this was going to be a long night. Every scene went on for way too long and it really needed some judicious editing.

What was the point in the entire scene in the hut at the beginning? You’re waiting for a surprise fight or something but… nope. It would be fine if they were building tension but it didn’t build up to anything we haven’t seen a million times before.

The motorbike chase finale went on for too long and by the time we reached it, I had long since stopped caring.

The lack of any well developed characters didn’t help matters either and it was the first time that I just didn’t like Rachel Weisz. Normally she’s lovely, but her character just kept saying “I DON’T KNOW!” while running around crying.

There were some decent moments eventually, but they were few and far between. There is an awesome bad guy death and the scene where Renner kills the security guards is pretty cool too. Speaking of Renner, he was actually very good as Aaron Cross and was a believable badass. I am a huge fan of him as an actor which was the main reason I paid to go see this.

The entire film just feels like it’s setting up future events and just does not work on its own merits. The ending is utterly open for a sequel with some potential for Damon to come back… lucky us. It will be interesting to see the final box off receipts for this one as I can easily say it’s the worst film I’ve seen this year.

Overall, The Bourne Legacy was an exercise in tedium with poor direction, bland writing and bad pacing. The odd decent action scene and Jeremy Renner redeem it from being utterly terrible, but this is easily the weakest in the series. Wake me up next week when a REAL action movie hits our screens.

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Eoin Friel

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