A father must leave his ranch for Dodge City to save his daughter from an old enemy, putting his reputation as the fastest draw in the west to the test.


The lives of a humble father and mother of two great kids living off the beaten path in the wilderness are shattered when their young son dies after he’s bitten by a snake. Clay, the father (played by a commanding Michael Pare), vows to protect his teenage daughter Lily (Brittany Elizabeth Williams) no matter what the cost, but after a long spell where his overprotection causes her to run away, Clay and his wife (played by Constance Brenneman) have no choice but to try to find her. With only a small clue as to where Lily went, Clay quickly comes to realize that Lily was kidnapped by some slave traders and “traded” to work at a remote whorehouse run by a scuzz named Lavoie (Tom Sizemore) who has a small army to protect his business. With only a few days to save his daughter from being lost forever to a life of degradation, Clay will have to unearth the gun slinging past he tried to bury long ago and bring out the bloodthirsty wolf within him to make everything right again.

Surprisingly strong and entertaining for such a quietly released independent western (it was briefly released to theaters earlier this year), Timothy Woodward Jr.’s Traded had me riveted almost from the get-go. Star Pare, who gets absolutely no love at all on the poster artwork on the video box, turns in perhaps his best performance yet in a very well made and solidly written western that looks nondescript when you look at what was made of the artwork for the film. Co-star Trace Adkins and cameo performer Kris Kristofferson, who both give great performances in the movie, get the cover, but star Pare gets second billing and no facial recognition. Totally bizarre. My previous experiences with watching movies by Woodward Jr. (4Got10 and Weaponized to name just two) have been less than satisfying, but this time he’s greatly matured as a filmmaker and has delivered his best work to date, by far. If you’re a fan of westerns or plots reminiscent of Taken, then check out Traded and prepare to be blown away.


Traded will be released on DVD and Blu Ray on Tuesday, August 2nd.


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