Plot: Vampire death dealer, Selene (Kate Beckinsale) fights to end the eternal war between the Lycan clan and the Vampire faction that betrayed her.

Review: I know I’m in the minority here but I’ve always enjoyed the Underworld series; first of all, Kate Beckinsale in leather never gets old and second of all I just love the world it’s set in. Blood Wars has the same Gothic (and very blue) visual style of the other movies so if you didn’t like them then this won’t win you over.

The battle between Lycans and vampires is all total bollocks but you know that going in so the trick is to just let it wash over you and enjoy some moving wallpaper for a couple of hours.

The movies have always taken themselves very seriously and at times I did smile at some unintentional humour especially the line “she must by wiped from the great pages of our history” (or words to that effect) which was a cool line but it was delivered so theatrically that it was hard not to smile.

Like the other entries this is rated R and there are some imaginative kills; you’ve got Lycans being cut in half, headshots galore and even some spine-ripping which is always nice. The final 20 minutes has a satisfying battle with plenty of bloodshed and swordfights so there’s enough action to savour.

There is a bit too much CG in this entry and the Lycans look crap which is a shame as they were done physically in the earlier movies.

Theo Davis returns as David and I have to say I really like him as an actor; he has the right intensity on his face for these movies and there are rumours of playing a certain British spy in the future which I would have no problem with.

There is so much backstory to this movie that it’s hard to keep up with who everyone is as I haven’t watched the other movies for a while, so I recommend watching them before seeing this to refresh your memory. I still managed to keep up with the story though as it’s hardly rocket science.

One thing I enjoy about this series is how there are heroes and villains on both sides so you don’t totally hate the Lycans or vampires. I thought Tobias Menzies was a welcome addition as Marius the new leader of the Lycans who is determined to find Selene’s daughter and wipe out their enemies.

Lara Pulver was particularly hateful as the big bad of the tale called Semira and as always you really need British thesps like Charles Dance who can make any dialogue sound cool.

It’s very much open for another sequel and if they do then I’d be there to watch it as it’s just a nice escape from reality for a while. 

Overall, Underworld: Blood Wars won’t win over any new fans but if you enjoy the series for what it is then you might just have a great time. You’ll forget about it after 15 minutes but it’s fun while it lasts.

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