Review: La La Land’s new two-disc set release of a pair of DC Universe Animated Movie soundtracks Justice League vs Teen Titans and Batman: Bad Blood – both scored by Frederik Wiedmann – is a pretty outstanding collection. Both films (released in 2016) are action-packed adventures for some of DC Comics’ greatest heroes, and Weidmann’s thrilling music to both films vividly and proudly represents some of the DC Universe Animated Movies’ best film compositions. Fans of these animated films already know that the music for each film stands well apart from the films themselves and can be enjoyed out of context from the movies, and Weidmann (who also did the scores for Justice League: Gods and Monsters: Justice League: Throne of Atlantis, and Batman vs Robin, amongst others, is one of the DC Universe Animated Movies’ secret ingredients that makes the films consistently engaging. His strong recurring themes and motifs are creative triumphs for such small-scale features, and there’s a very good reason why Warner Brothers has continued to bring him back to score more of these features.

La La Land Records’ two-disc collection of both of these scores is currently available for an affordable price, but with only 1000 copies they won’t be around forever. Grab one while you can!


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