Review: After a brief taste of what it feels like to be an Avenger (see Captain America: Civil War for more on that), high schooler Peter Parker (Tom Holland) is relegated to “kid” status by Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) and stuck in high school limbo. By day, he’s a geek, pining over his crush Liz (Laura Harrier), and by night he’s “the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man,” foiling small-time crimes and perfecting his web-slinging abilities. When he stumbles onto a small-time weapons-running syndicate, headed by an embittered man named Toomes (Michael Keaton), suddenly Peter is onto something that could have much bigger ramifications. Toomes, using alien technology to power up his gear, becomes increasingly annoyed that the Spider-Man is meddling in his business, and so he accelerates his plans to rob Stark Industries of a massive payload of high-grade weapons, but has no idea that the friendly neighborhood superhero is working with Iron Man, which proves to be a major problem.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is the 6th (7th, if you’re counting CA:CW) Spider-Man movie, and yet it feels pretty fresh with young Holland in the title role. Director Jon Watts (who did the deadly serious films Clown and Cop Car) manages to keep the Spider guy stuff light and bouncy, and the movie also manages to work pretty well as a coming of age movie. That said, it’s still not as good (to me) as Spider-Man 2 or The Amazing Spider-Man. We’re becoming massively over-saturated with these gigantic, well-made Marvel blockbusters, and Homecoming is as good as you would expect, but it’s not essential.

Sony Classical has just released the CD soundtrack of Spider-Man: Homecoming, and fans of film scores should get a real kick out of it. Composer Michael Giacchino (Doctor Strange, Up, Jupiter Ascending) knocks it out of the park with a buoyant, upbeat, and thrilling set of compositions. Giacchino has steadily climbed the ladder to become one of the elite film composers of the current generation, and with several Marvel scores under his belt now (and a Star Wars film as well), he’s become one of the most established guys working in the business. He starts the score off with an homage of the Spider-Man animated show, and the music never stops being entertaining from there on out. The CD runs over 60 minutes and contains 22 tracks.

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