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March 2, 2015

To Sequel or Not to Sequel: Kingsman

I saw Kingsman: The Secret Service last week and I have to admit that I haven’t had so much fun at the theatre in a long time.

It had the spirit of the old James Bond films but with a modern twist and some ultraviolence thrown in for good measure.

So far at the international box office it’s made over $150 Million on a budget of $81 million and it’s only been out for just over a week.

The cast are all at the top of their game and Samuel L. Jackson was on classic form as the villainous Valentine.



A new star was born in Taron Egerton who played our hero Eggsy and I would love to see his further adventures. Even at the start when he’s a bit of a thug, he is always likeable and has a heart; his loyalty to his family (and the Kingsman) is laudable making him the perfect modern hero.

To me, this is a potential franchise with serious legs; rather than trying so hard to be serious like the most recent Bond movies, Kingsman relishes its absurdity with awesome gadgets and an over the top villainous plot.

Colin Firth stole the movie and played his first ever real badass although I doubt we’ll see him in a sequel…

The movie also has the best exploding heads scene ever and the henchman Gazelle (Sofia Boutella) and her razor legs is one of the most insane bad guys ever; she is certainly up there with Jaws and Oddjob!

The tone was spot on with just the right amount of humour and silliness but managed to maintain plenty of heart, tension and thrilling action sequences.

It’s a riot from beginning to end and for me this is a movie that just NEEDS a sequel ASAP.

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Eoin Friel

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